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Toys - Harold Danko JPW 2014-15
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"Toys" (2014)

Written by Herbie Hancock, Arranged by Shoghi Hayes



This arrangement of 'Toys' was a personal assignment that I took upon myself after a semester-long study of the music of Herbie Hancock with my teacher and mentor, Clay Jenkins. The bluesy nature of the tune, the beautiful and complex harmonies, and the playfulness of the title made the tune an enlightening experience to arrange and to perform. Performing this in the studio with Harold Danko's Jazz Performance Workshop in the Fall of 2014 was an experience I won't forget, and I am deeply thankful for being a part of the group during my senior year at Eastman.


Harold Danko JPW:  Shoghi Hayes - trumpet; Julian Tanaka - clarinet; Brendan Lanighan - trombone; Julian Garvue - piano; Mike Forfia - bass; Michael Craig - drums.

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