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Discovery of Twelve - Shoghi Hayes
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"Discovery of Twelve" (2014)

Written by Shoghi Hayes, as heard on Jazz at Eastman 2014



Discovery of Twelve was written for a jazz theory class. Through experimentation with the possibilities of using a single 12-tone row and its various forms, I composed a complete five voice 12-tone fugue that resembled one of my favorite pieces by Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta. Professor Terefenko loved it and encouraged me to use the string piece as an introduction to a jazz peice, using the same tone row.


Evan Burrus, Matthew Sieber-Ford - tenor saxophone; Shoghi Hayes - flugelhorn; Brendan Lanighan - trombone; Julian Garvue - piano; Emiliano Lasansky - bass; Joe Parker - drums; Sarah Hadley-Yakir, Holly Workman - violin; Keegan Donlon - viola; Dustin Seo - cello; Stephen Jones - double bass.

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